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  • From
  • To
    September 10, 2023
  • Place
    Vinayalaya Retreat Centre, Andheri (E)

The Jesus Encounter Healing Retreat (JEHR) was conducted from 8th to 10th September, 20123. at Vinayalaya.
43 Retreatants attended the same and had a deep experience of the love and healing touch of Jesus
A few of the many testimonials, are listed below.


  1. I came to this retreat as a doubter and disbeliever of God but as I leave I have grown in faith.
  2. During this 3 days retreat, I was healed from a heavy burden from my heart. I understood how to control my emotions, how to control the mind and pray and ask God to guide as He is in control. I did not have pain in my shoulders for last 2 days. Feel more powerful and closer to God and the Holy Spirit.
  3. This is the second time I came here, I have stopped smoking and He has healed and touched me.
  4. I actually didn’t want to come for the retreat because I was in heavy debt, but my daughter compelled me to come. And now after coming to this retreat I feel convinced that God will take control of all my needs.
  5. Helped to deal with a lot of suppressed emotions and past open myself to a new beginning.
  6. I realized a lot of things. I realized that not forgiving others will hurt me. I had a sense of inner healing. I want to improve and become the best. The preacher told me what differentiates average people and achievers and I will apply it in my life.
  7. I was able to speak in tongues after 30 years.
  8. I came with 2 things in the mind for the retreat to grow in my relationship with Jesus and for inner healing. The Talks and the silence time I spent in the chapel has helped me to grow in my journey. Also inner healing and counseling has helped me to overcome the sadness of my mum’s death.
  9. I had come this time for thanksgiving, as I had come in July with a petition for my Visa that was delayed on 8th September. God finalized my Visa Process. Praise to him and thank you for your intercession.
  10. My parents were always behind me to go for the retreat which I did not want to as I was without a job for 5 months. I got an inspiration to come here and I have learnt a lot how to pray and be close to God.
  11. My confession that bought about a change, It reduced my Burden.
  12. Prayed for my Husband to come back to the Church and he came back after 9 months, prayed for my dad to come for the retreats he came this time, my stomach pain was healed.
  13. I was healed from my past which was troubling me and forgiving and forgiveness.
  14. Remembered to forgive one person during adoration and for stirring the Holy Spirit, during confession I learnt how to avoid certain people had a realization that I was craving for appreciation.