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JEHR July 2023

  • From
  • To
    July 11, 2023
  • Place
    Vinayalaya Retreat Centre, Andheri (E)


  1. I haven’t been for Sunday mass or communion for years and would like to start now. I felt good after I made a good confession. The breakthrough was when the preacher spoke on “surrendering my rotten side” to the Lord , which I did and I believe the Lord started His work.
  2. I felt a breakthrough during confession. The Lord touched and healed the broken part of my heart. The Lord has set me free from guilt and emotional trauma. I am a new creation.
  3. For the first time I experienced inner healing in my life which was the most beautiful experience. I felt like a new person, so fresh after the retreat.
  4. After confession I felt calm. As if a burden is removed from my shoulder.
  5. I was able to forgive the ones who had hurt me and releasing all the load my heart felt. Feeling happy within.I experienced a deep sense of inner peace and an ability to detach myself from my problem and look at it from outside
  6. This retreat helped me to set my priorities right and has helped me to see my situations from a different perspective.
  7. The retreat gave me a clear direction of what I need in my life. It has shown me how to overcome my day-to-day problems in my life.
  8. I was praying for a job in Mumbai for 2 years, on the second day I got a call for interview.
  9. During the inner healing session I literally felt the person was speaking to me personally and the events that happened in my life.
  10. The talks have given me the courage to choose the right from the wrong and to change my nature.
  11. I felt God speaking to me directly and answering all my concerns through the speakers.