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Intercession Growth Retreat

  • From
  • To
    June 11, 2023
  • Place
    Vinayalaya Retreat Centre, Andheri (E)

The Intercession Growth Retreat was organized by the EC members of the CCR for all the Intercessors of the Prayer Groups from the Parishes of Mumbai from 9th June to 11th June, 2023. This Intercession Retreat was attended by 98 retreatants.

The retreat began with various teachings on Intercession. The main focus of the retreat was on the need to intercede according to the “Will of God”. Many new insights were shared like the importance of staying in “Hebron” that is friendship/ fellowship with God, that God also has needs, Anointed Charisms, various methods of creative Intercession like targeting one particular thing and interceding on various aspects and enacting the need. The Jericho March took place with a practical session and 6 steps of Prophetic Intercession. Theory along with practical sessions helped the intercessors to easily understand and learn creative strategies to intercede.

The most important aspect of the retreat was to be silent and listen or seek God’s will and know God’s plan or strategy and then implement it. Since every battle is different, different strategies must be used for different battles.

This Intercession Retreat will not only help the intercessors build a strong Intercession Ministry but also bring a revival in the Prayer Groups, Parishes and Zones.


  1. The retreat answered a lot of my questions. I liked that this was a practical workshop retreat, that will be easier to implement. A very different, creative, innovative and Spirit led retreat.
  2. I learnt various aspects and dimensions of intercession. How we are partners and how we can change things.
  3. I am going out with a better understanding of God’s love, His desire to save me and His plan to save His people using me through the intercession ministry.
  4. I could hear clearly the Lord’s voice and His instructions which I need to implement.
  5. I realized that I need to spend more quality time with the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament
  6. During the infilling of the Holy Spirit, I felt very light, calm and peaceful
  7. One thing God is asking me to do is Worship. I was unwell for the last 3 weeks, and on the last day I am feeling completely fine.
  8. I was having headache and knee pain, I was healed during the adoration.
  9. I was struggling with surrendering certain wounds to the Lord. After the infilling of the Holy Spirit for the first time in 3 – 4 years I was able to fully lay down the wounds before the Lord and His healing has begun.
  10. I was blessed with the gift of tongues.