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Businessmen & Sr. Executives Retreat

  • From
  • To
    April 30, 2023
  • Place
    Salvation Seva Kendra Hall, Dadar



  1. “I was anxious and insecure about my first-ever new business. The retreat helped me gain confidence and faith, that God will take complete control. I received a lot of insights on how to build up.”
  2. “I was having a tough time convincing a client for the past 3 years to help in the business and then stopped thinking about it because of the client’s rigidity. I had not come with this intention for the retreat, but at the end after the prayer session, I received a call from the same client after 4 years. After the session I gave a call back and the client is now interested in meeting me and getting empanelled.”
  3. “I was praying for the gift of wisdom to the Holy Spirit. On day 1, I received a sign which was mentioned on the scripture verse on the table that quoted James 1:5. I was confused and this retreat gave me clarity through the talk on priorities. I have been going through a lot of fear of how to perceive ahead in life and during the time ministering I surrendered my fears, I felt a release at the time of inner healing.”
  4. “A retreat after a long time, helped me forgive all those whom I was unable to forgive.”
  5. “I was feeling a little difficult to attend the retreat and gradually the sessions helped me understand that Jesus and I make 3000. Also made me realise that I have Jesus as my best business partner.”
  6. “This retreat was a God’s calling. After the pandemic I was having a tough time to get back and manage. This retreat helped me to understand how to accept hardships and the importance of a talk with the Lord each day in life helps.”
  7. “We attended this retreat as a couple and during this retreat, the Lord opened my eyes and showed me all my fears and I was able to make good confession. During the inner healing, the Lord revealed all my blocks and told me He’ll make a way.”
  8. “Work was getting stressful and felt unhappy and after coming for this retreat the sessions made me realise that ‘Happiness comes from what you are’ and this is my take away.”
  9. “Was extremely unhappy with my recent promotion that was taken away. The ‘Happiness’ talk by Mr. Victor Pereira helped me. It has helped me to handle the stress and angst that I was constantly feeling, which would not let me have any peace of mind.”